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Manual ID Verification will require alert level 2 or 1 in the area where you live.
Alternatively you may use Electronic ID Verification.  Our application forms will ask if you wish to use this service.

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      About Credit Capable and the products we finance
      Drawing on eight years experience in the Computer Industry we provide a Fast and Friendly finance brokerage service through a network of nationwide retailers.
      Finance Made Easy has been our motto since we started in 1998 and we take pride in providing a simple and user friendly lending experience.

      ou will find your application process for your purchase to be Quick, Simple and Secure, supporting the following products listed below.

      • Computers, Printers and Servers
      • Phones - Smart, P.B.X and V.O.I.P
      • Cameras and Photographic Equipment
      • Tools, Machinery and Industry Equipment
      • Furniture and Beds
      • Out Door Furniture and BBQs
      • Sports and Exercise Machines
      • White Ware and Kitchen Appliances
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      Promotional Finance
      Interest Rates from 7.05% per annum if your retailer is providing promotions for Individual and Business financed purchases.
      0% Interest or No Payments and No Interest options are available from our web site, with enhanced alternatives available from our retailers web sites. 

      Products financed are to be from a Credit Capable or a reputable retailer, they will need to supply their bank account details on the invoice for your purchase made out to: Credit Capable Ltd  |  P.O. Box 31 720  |  Milford  |  Auckland 0741

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     ** We may vary the above listed fees and charges.  |  Credit Capable Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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