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Check with your Retailer if they will Verify your ID in store by using the manual ID Verification process.
Alternatively you may use Electronic ID Verification.  Our application forms will ask if you wish to use this service.

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      About Credit Capable and the products that can be financed
      Drawing on eight years experience in the Computer Industry we provide a Fast and Friendly finance brokerage service through a network of nationwide retailers.
      Finance Made Easy has been our motto since we started in 1998 and we take pride in providing a simple and user friendly lending experience.

      ou will find your application process for your purchase to be Quick, Simple and Secure, supporting the following products listed below.
      Responsible Lending Criteria will apply.

      • Computers, Printers and Servers
      • Phones - Smart, P.B.X and V.O.I.P
      • Cameras and Photographic Equipment
      • Tools, Machinery and Industry Equipment
      • Furniture and Beds
      • Out Door Furniture and BBQs
      • Sports and Exercise Machines
      • White Ware and Kitchen Appliances
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      Promotional Finance
      Interest Rates range from 7.02% to 23.95% per annum.  (fixed term rate)
      Check with your retailer if they are providing promotions for Individual and Business financed purchases.
      0% Interest Terms or No Payments and No Interest options are available from our web site, but alternative options may be available from our retailers web sites. 

      Products financed are to be from a Credit Capable or a reputable retailer, they will need to supply their bank account details on the invoice for your purchase made out to: Credit Capable Ltd  |  P.O. Box 31 720  |  Milford  |  Auckland 0741

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     ** We may vary the above listed fees and charges.  |  Credit Capable Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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