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    Unsecured Rates will vary depending on the product you are purchasing or if your retailer is providing Interest Free options.
    Interest Free and Deferred Start options are available from our website, but alternative options may be available from our retailers web sites.

    Interest Rates for Individual Finance start from 13.75% per annum.

    Your normal payments will not vary during your term, unless you make a balloon payment that will either reduce your payments or term.

    Credit Fees and Charges
    Included in initial balance and payable under or in connection with your contract.**

    • $55  Establishment fee
    • $3.15  Monthly Administration fee

    Click here for a list of fees and charges that are not included in the initial balance.

    Six Monthly Statement
    We will continually disclose the status of your account on a six monthly basis.

    • Additional statements can be provided upon request for $3.50
      Call accounts on 0800 71 11 11 or 09 410 5554.


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    ** We may vary the above listed fees and charges.  |  Credit Capable Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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