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    Work out your payments
    Insert your purchase price (round to dollars) to the left and include any deposit amount to calculate the monthly payments from 6,12,18,24, 36 and 48 month payment terms.*

    Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly payment frequency options are available.

    • Business Loan
      • Also known as a business Hire Purchase.
      • No deposit is available to business applications that meet criteria.
      • Reduce profit tax from your tax bill as your purchase can be depreciated.**
      • You are able to upgrade during the term, make balloon payments and settle early.
      • Claim the G.S.T and OFFSET a 15% deposit that will reduce your amount financed.
      • At the end of the completed contract the equipment is yours with no ownership fees.
    • Business Rental
    • Q and A
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    • Business Application Form HeaderCick here to download and fax your application.

      Initial Criteria : You will need to be over 18 years old and either a New Zealand Citizen or Resident.  Proof of your identity will be required by Photo ID.
                                  To be the Proprietor, Director or a controlling Shareholder with your business trading history greater than two years.

      Retailer Name : *

      Price Including G.S.T. $ :

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      Description of Goods :

      Finance Type : *

      Payment Frequency :

      Deposit Amount : *

      Goods sold Are :

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    Make your business grow and reduce the financial impact on your cash flow by using Business Loan or Business Rental finance options to purchase what you need.

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