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      Co-Signer information and basic criteria
      You will be helping to establish the credit history of the person who has asked you to be a Co-Signer.  It is preferable that you are local to this person as you would be Co-Signing the contract for the purchase.*

      For initial criteria requirements you will need to be:

      • A New Zealand Citizen or a Resident.
      • A Family Member, Spouse or Partner who is 25+ years old.
      • Fully employed with a clean and established credit history.

      Initial Application - processing details
      We will need to join your application with the person
      you will be Co-Signing with.

      Insert their Full Name and Application Number and continue with your information and click submit to apply.

      Initial Applicant Full Name :

      Application Number :

      Given First Name :

      Given Middle Name :

      Surname :

      Date of Birth : DD/MM/YYYY

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      Salutation :

      Citizenship :

      Marital Status :

      Dependants :

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