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Check with your Retailer if they will Verify your ID in store by using the Manual ID Verification process.
Alternatively you may use Electronic ID Verification.  The form below will ask if you wish to use this service.

  • Individual - (Buying for personal use)
    • As a Co-signer you will be helping to establish the credit history of the person who has asked for your help.  It is preferable that you are local to this person as upon approval you would be Co-Signing the contract for the purchase.  Responsible Lending Criteria will apply.

      We will need to join the two applications together with the following details.
      Insert their name, application number, goods description and then continue with your details.

      Initial Applicant Name :

      Initial criteria requirements for a Co-Signer

      Application Number :

      Description of Goods :

      • A New Zealand Citizen or a Resident.
      • A Family Member, Spouse or Partner who is 25+ years old.
      • Fully employed with a clean and established credit history.

      Given First Name :

      Salutation :

       Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms

      Given Middle Name :

      Citizenship :

      Surname :

      Marital Status :

      Date of Birth : DD/MM/YYYY

      Dependants : 

      Children in your care

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  • Business - (Buying for business use)