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  • STEP 1 - Your Application
    • Your Application
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      Your Application
      Upon approval we will send you and your retailer the paperwork for your purchase.  Click on the above STEP 2 Tab
      for information on The Paperwork.  If you have not received our email check your Spam Folder in your email system.

      If we cannot approve your application with the information provided we will send a Conditions Email that will
      have a PDF file attached with what we will need to approve your application.*

      Conditions Notices are listed and detailed below.

      Reply to this email with what we have requested so we may process your application.
      If you would like to speak with us regarding your Conditions Email call 0800 74 11 11 - Ext 1.

      Note: We cannot use computer Screen Shots, Encrypted WinZip / WinRar files, or files that can be edited.

    • Conditions Notice - Proof of Address
    • Conditions Notice - Bank Statement
    • Conditions Notice - Deposit
    • Conditions Notice - Co-Signer
    • Declined Notice
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  • STEP 2 - The Paperwork
  • STEP 3 - Setup your Payments