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    Purchase In-store at retail shop

    • Apply Instore or Online from the Individual or Business Application TAB’s.
    • Within 5 to 30 minutes of application we will email you and your retailer the documents for your purchase.*
    • Your sales person will take any deposit required and will help you to complete the paperwork.
    • Providing your retailer has your equipment in stock you will be able to take your purchase.**

    Purchase to be couriered

    • Apply Online and on approval the documents for your purchase will be emailed to you.*
    • Return your signed and witnessed contract and ID verification form to Credit Capable.
    • Credit Capable will email you and your retailer confirmation that we have received the completed paperwork.
    • Payment Notification will be sent when we have received the Invoice for your purchase from your retailer.
    • Your retailer will then dispatch your purchase pending any required deposit amount has been paid.**

    How long will it take
    The speed of your application can vary depending on the requirements of your purchase and information provided on your application form.  We generally take 5 to 30 minutes from application to sending a contract for your new purchase.*

    Inquiry / Message
    If you would like to make an inquiry or submit further information about your application use the form below.

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