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Check with your Retailer if they will Verify your ID in store by using the Manual ID Verification process.
Alternatively you may use Electronic ID Verification.  The form below will ask if you wish to use this service.

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        0% interest options
      0% interest for 3 Months on a 18 Month term
      0% interest for 4 Months on a 24 Month term
        0% interest for 6 Months on a 36 Month term

      Deferred start and no interest options
      no payments and no interest for 3 Months on 24 or 36 Months
        no payments and no interest for 6 Months on 36 Months

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      • Yes you can make Balloon Payments when you need too.
      • Note: Alternative options may be available from our retailers web sites.

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      Initial Criteria : You will need to be over 18 years old and either a New Zealand Citizen or a New Zealand Resident.

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