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    Our Proactive Processing

    |     We follow up to keep the sales process on track

    We will account manage and trouble shoot your application and contract processing directly with your client.  This helps to improve the success rate for completed financed sales as we know the importance of keeping you and your clients well informed and motivated.

    The things we do that make the difference.

    • Application Received
      Follow up calls and emails for processing notifications that require clarification or further information.
    • Application Approved - Paperwork Sent
      Up to three follow up calls and emails following up the sales process and paperwork.
    • Paperwork Completion
      A Contract Received Notification will be emailed to you and your client confirming receipt and completion.
    • Payment Notification
      Upon receipt of your Invoice and dispatch date we will send Payment Notification to you to confirm payment.*

    You and your clients will enjoy a prompt and proactive level of service as our process and follow up philosophy has been moulded by 8 years experience in I.T. Retail and I.T. Wholesale sales.

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    Finance Made Easy
    Has been our motto since 1998 as we use our knowledge from the computer, publishing and finance industries to clearly communicate and simplify the application and contract process.  With Credit Capable the normally problematic task of using finance will be Simple, Quick and a Effective purchasing option for you and your clients.

    Non recourse processing

    We will not hold you or your business liable if your client defaults on their payments.  We will not claw back on the payment made unless your client has cancelled their purchase with you and you have agreed to have the goods returned and payment refunded, in accordance with the Fair Trading Act.

    Credit Capable operate as a specialist finance broker providing finance to a network of nationwide retailers.  We can process Individual, Business, Educational and Commercial purchases that require finance.

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    * Credit Capable retailer criteria and conditions will apply  | Credit Capable Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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