step 2    THE PURCHASE

Your Application

Upon approval from Gilrose Finance, you and your retailer will be emailed the paperwork for your purchase.


  • Click on the above  STEP 2 - Tab, for easy to follow step by step information.  Check your Spam Folder in your email system if you have not received it.


  • If your application cannot be approved you will be emailed a Conditions NoticeIt will have a PDF file attached with what will be required to approve your application.


Conditions Notices are listed and detailed below.

Click ReplyNot Reply All, to the email with what has been requested so Gilrose Finance can process your application.  If you would like to speak with us regarding your Conditions Notice email, call 0800 74 11 11 - Ext 1.

Please Note:  You cannot use computer Screen Shots, Encrypted WinZip / WinRar files or email web linked files that are hosted on a cloud server.  Any files provided must be PDF or Image files for android or PC.  Microsoft Word or Excel files will not be considered as they can be edited.


Bank Statement Required

A part of responsible lending requires that your new loan will not over commit you financially.


Your bank statement will be requested by Gilrose Finance for the following reasons.


  • Income and expenses verification
  • Current debit obligations
  • To assess affordability

Supply your statement in one of the following ways.


  • Online.  If a Lending Officer has included a https://  encrypted link, you can submit online.  Click on the link to send in your bank statement.  Call 0800 74 11 11 - Ext 2 and ask for a Lending Officer if the link has expired or if you have any inquires.
  • A printed statement from your branch that is bank stamped and initialed by the teller.  Scan or take photos with your smart phone.  Click reply on your Conditions email, attach the pdf or jpg files and click send.

Your three month bank statement will need to be current, show your income and payments for any existing loans.


Proof of Address Required

The address where you live will need to be verified for Gilrose Finance lending requirements.


If the lending systems cannot verify your name to your address we will require one of the following documents.


  • Utilities Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Government Department issued letter

One of the above needs to be current and issued within the last three months.  It will need to show your name and address on the document.  We cannot use computer screen shots or files that can be edited.


Take a photo with your smart phone of the printed A4 page or you may use a PDF file if this document was emailed to you.


Deposit Required

Why a deposit may be required to meet Gilrose Finance lending criteria to finance your new purchase.


  • To balance your current and new debt with your income.
  • You have little to no credit history and or employment history.
  • For large purchases of high risk products, we may require a deposit to reduce the lend exposure.

Using a deposit reduces your amount financed, repayments and interest payable.  Your deposit is payable to your retailer when your are ready and is best to contact them to arrange.


We only need confirmation from you via email or phone that you are happy to pay the deposit required so your application process can proceed.


Co-Signer Required

Why a Co-Signer may be required to apply below.


  • You have little or no previous credit history with banks or other lenders.
  • You are a new resident to New Zealand with no previous credit history with other lenders.
  • The lending assessment conducted by your Lending Officer may require added security to strengthen your application.

This person will need to be employed and happy to be jointly accountable and Co-Sign with you upon approval.  It is preferred that they be a family member, spouse, partner or a close personal friend and live in the same city as you.

E-Mail the above link with your application number to the person who will help.


Guarantor Required

Why a Business Guarantor may be required to apply below.

  • You have made a business application that requires your business partner to apply.

This person is either a Business Partner, Director or a Controlling Shareholder.

E-Mail the above link with your application number to the person who will help.


Declined Notice

In general your application may be declined by Gilrose Finance due to your credit or payment history.  Your credit and payment history will be checked with Centrix.

You can use the following Centrix link to obtain a copy of your credit file.  


If you would like to speak to a lending officer regarding your Declined Notice call 0800 74 11 11 - Ext 2.


The Paperwork for your Purchase

You will either complete your purchase at the store, or will require click and collect or delivered to your address.  Both options are detailed below with the step by step process.

The contract for your purchase is valid for a month from the statement date on your contract.

Call your store to confirm they have a copy of your approval email and arrange a time to complete your purchase.

  • Take with you the two valid IDs you selected in your application.
  • Any special conditions to be completed, being listed in your paperwork guide and contract.
  • A sales person will take electronic copies of your paperwork and will take any required deposit.
  • The store will send to us the invoice and your completed paperwork for payment.

Providing your equipment is in stock you will be able to take your purchase.  (Dealer terms and conditions will apply)

The contract for your purchase is valid for a month from the statement date on your contract.

Read and follow the instruction provided in the Paperwork Guide page of your contract attachment.

  • If you have selected manual ID Verification, you may use any one of the available Trusted Witness's to verify your ID that are listed in the ID form, being the last attachment in your approval email.
  • If required, call a Trusted Witness to make an appointment to have your ID Verified manually.
  • Email your completed paperwork to:
    If our email server returns your email, check that your email attachments do not exceed 20MB in total.
  • An email will be sent confirming paperwork completion.  Any required deposit is payable to your retailer.
  • Payment Notification will be sent on your purchase dispatch date after we have received your retailers Invoice.

On the purchase dispatch date your retailer will allow collection from the store or will courier your order to you.    (Dealer terms and conditions will apply)

No access to a printer?  Sign Electronically.

If you have used Electronic ID Verification you may Sign Electronically with programs like MS Office for Android or Apple on a cell phone or tablet that can receive your emails.

To see how this can be done use on the link above.

Repayment Waiver

If a Repayment Waiver Income Protection fee is included on your contract you will find it has been added at your request via our application forms.


What it covers :

  • Total Disablement
  • Redundancy
  • Serious Illness
  • Death

Repayment Waiver will waive the repayments due during this time, and is charged only for the period your account is running.  You will receive a credit to your account for any unused portion of cover, if you decide to settle your contract early.  The last page of your contract will explain in detail how it works.


If you wish to have it removed from your contract please call and speak with a Lending Officer on 0800 74 11 11 - Ext 2.

Setup your Payments - Your Welcome Letter

The repayments for your purchase are not due to be set-up until you have received your welcome letter.  The welcome letter will generally take 5 to 10 working days to be sent to you from Gilrose Finance via email for text message, from when we send payment notification to the dealer for your purchase.


It will normally be sent to the email address supplied on your application.

If you have not received your welcome letter call accounts on 09 410 5554  -  Ext 2.


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