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Your Online Processing

A proven custom system for energising on line sales with affordable, convenient payment options and application for personal and business financed purchases.  Linked to by the use of finance banners and automated repayment applets, all provided at no cost to you.

Custom Branding

We will incorporate your Company Logo, Graphics and Company Colours into your Landing Page. Images and Colours will be sampled directly from your website for your convenience.


Custom Promotions

Are available up to your Registered Processing Level and will be advertised and maintained on a regular monthly cycle, taking away the undertaking of managing and delivering in house finance promotions.


Custom Processing Automation

Branch, Sales Process and Promotion Selection menus combined with the Sales Persons Name deliver convenience, speed and accuracy to your sales process.

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Repayment Applet for Product Pages

Our integration code is designed as a strait forward implementation for your web developer.  Employing Java Scrip to import custom financial information and advertising, allowing for seamless integration and math alignment.


Important: By implementing our calculator/s you are confirming you have read and understand the Intellectual property statement below.

Intellectual property

The intellectual property contained in the supplied integration code is owned by Credit Capable Limited.  This includes, but is not limited to the design and code.  You may electronically reproduce our calculator to be used for their sole intended purpose only.  That being the calculation of repayments of the product pages for retailer registered Credit Capable processing options.



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Custom Marketing for your Showroom

Give your clients the information they need during their buying decision that is customised to your business.

Brochure Stand with Brochures including QR Code

We will incorporate your Company Logo, Graphics and Company Colours into your stand.  Brochures are supplied with the same branding as your stand and provide your clients with the information they need for their application process.

Your shop front sales team will have confidence in executing their sales with branded finance information.

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Retailer - Processing Registration
Individual and Business processing options up to 25k are grouped together by cost of sale. Deferred Start options with 0% Interest over the Deferred period will be available to your clients at No Cost.  All promotions will run from a month to month basis until advised.


Select the 0% Interest Terms you wish to offer to your clients.

You have authorisation to enter the trading entity into a commercial agreement.

The Registered Trading Name on your Invoice.

I have read and understand the Excel Retailer Calculator Ver 10.5 and agree to have the retentions and rebates determined by my retailer processing registration for individual and business financed sales from $500 - $25,000 amount financed.  I understand that I will be paid the total of my Invoice to Credit Capable = CC minus any deposit, minus or plus any retention or rebate shown in the calculator for my registered options.  CC will send payment notifications detailing the retention or rebate from each sale.  CC will be able to establish a finish date of any registered processing options by giving me the retailer two weeks notice.

Excel Retailer Calculator Ver 10.5
Make sure your accounts person has a copy to check on payments.


Master Processing Agreement

For New Retailers this agreement sets the standards of trade and is the master agreement that sits behind the above Processing Registration.

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Level 1, Building 2, 106 Bush Road
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MON - SUN: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Phone  0800 74 11 11
We offer Fast and Friendly finance as an introducer through a network of nationwide retailers.  Credit Capable Limited is an agent for Gilrose Finance Company Limited who is the creditor.