What we do - that makes the difference
We pro-actively follow up to keep the sales process on track and account manage and trouble shoot processing directly with your client.  This helps to improve the success rate for financed sales, as we know the importance of keeping you and your clients well informed and motivated.

You and your clients will enjoy a prompt and proactive level of service as our process and follow up philosophy has been moulded by 8 years experience in I.T. Retail and I.T. Wholesale sales.

Application Received
Follow up calls and emails for processing notifications for further information.


Upon Approval - Paperwork Sent
Follow up calls and emails following up the sales process and paperwork.


Paperwork Completion
Contract Received Notification will be emailed confirming receipt and completion.


Payment Notification
Upon receipt of your Invoice we will send Payment Notification to you to confirm payment.

Give your clients the information they need during their buying decision that is customised to your business.  Your shop front sales team will have confidence in executing their sales with branded finance information.

Custom Branding

We will incorporate your Company Logo, Graphics and Company Colours into your Landing Page.  Images and Colours will be sampled directly from your website for your convenience.

Hosted Promotions

Are available up to your Registered Processing Level and will be advertised and maintained on a regular monthly cycle, taking away the undertaking of managing and delivering in house finance promotions.

Processing Automation

Branch, Sales Process and Promotion Selection menus combined with the Sales Persons Name deliver convenience, speed and accuracy to your sales process.

Custom Brochure Stand

We will incorporate your Company Logo, Graphics and Company Colours into your stand.

Custom Brochures

Are supplied with the same branding as your stand and provide your clients with the information they need for their application process.